If you think that you are getting bored with the current look of your bath, then you should consider doing small bathroom remodel. This simple makeover will give a fresh new look for your bathroom area without compromising about the budget. Here we had collected some ideas that are doable yet give a truly beautiful facelift. What are they? Let’s check them out bellow.

Some Cheap Bathroom Makeover Ideas to Try

Start your project by painting the whole part of your bathroom. Giving a new coat for the bathroom will serve a new facelift for the bathroom. This idea is also easy and can be done without calling any professional. If your wall is covered with tile, then you can paint the other parts there. Repaint your vanity, floating shelves, etc with bright color so it gives you a charming retreat. Small bathroom remodel should add the functionality within your room too.

As it is all about small bath, then every inch of the area is so worth. Never leave the wall gone useless by adding floating shelves there. Simply hang some floating wood panels to be an instant rack for stashing towel, toiletries, tissues, and the like. Get also the lighting fixtures changed. Having done with that, you can lay down a new rug for a final touch. Small bathroom remodel will transform your bath without breaking your saving.

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