Shabby chic bedroom design is perfect for giving a tranquil and cozy atmosphere. This aged look concept now is so famous which is why at now there are so many accessories, furniture, and additions coming with old-worn look. If you are in love with something vintage, perhaps this will be your time to spruce up the bedroom with the following shabby chic ideas. Check them out!

Give a Touch of Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas into the Bedroom

Use the right color scheme is the first idea to go. Shabby chic is all about antique and when we talk about antique, there are some tones that should not be forgotten. White, pale pink, broken white and grey are the example of tones showing the antique appearance. So, make shabby chic bedroom is so easy, you can paint the wall with pure white coating, dress the bed with crisp white bed sheets, hang canopy with lace pattern, and the like.

As it is all about wear and tear look, you need to go flea market to find any furniture with distresses finish. Go and buy dressers, drawers, cabinets, and even bedding with aged look. If you are getting difficult with that, just simply paint the furniture with the tones stated above. Having done with this, add also some artworks and accessories as romantic chandelier, princess-like mirror, vases, drapes with floral pattern, and many more. Shabby chic bedroom is anything but beautiful.

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