Whether your house comes with country design or you do in love in country comfort, no matter what your reason is, having rustic bathroom vanities is totally cool. Rustic is correlate well with natural material as wood, plants, and stone. Having that said, you will gain a very welcoming bath area without breaking your saving as the materials are affordable. Look on the following ideas and be ready to try the one that suit to your needs.

How to Create Antique Bathroom Vanities?

The first idea to create an antique vanity is about the choice of material. Place wooden vanity with unfinished accents and outdated hardware. The length of the vanity should be based on the size of your bathroom, it can be small with single sink, or larger version with double sinks. Rustic bathroom vanities typically come with faucets. To show of the country look, choose the faucets as well as the sink bowls which are made from brass or steel.

If you don’t like putting timber around the bath area while you still beg for the country look, you might go with another vanity design. Cover the backsplash vanity area with stones or concrete as those two materials are the great example of rustic design. Give decorative mirror with deep carving so that it balances up the rustic bathroom vanities you have.

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Gallery of Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas