Whether you live in coastal area or your boy is in love with Pirates movie, nautical bedroom might make your bedroom anything but a tranquil sanctuary. This bedroom theme is also great to be done at the guests’ room since the coastal feeling will give a relaxing feeling as what the sea serves. You can play with certain color showing the ocean look while at the same time you can dress it up with any sea-inspired decorative accents.

Nautical Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Try

The first idea to try is the choice of color. Pick the color showing the ocean scenery as blue, white, and red. Paint the bedroom wall with blue shade and give a highlight with white color. Besides using strip pattern, you also can makeover the wall with light and dark blue color while you can let the floor come with white paint. Having done with the color, you can make nautical bedroom by installing wooden panel at the wall as well as building wooden sailboat bedding.

There are many home decors about ocean such as pirates wheel pillow, ocean patterned sheets, anchor table lamps, deep blue drapes, and the like. So, you can change the bed cover with the ocean pattern and stacks some prates wheel pillows there. At the table, place a lamps and globe while for the wall of nautical bedroom can be added with nautical shelves drawer and nautical stone trivet.

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