Once you have renovated your bath with modern touch, perhaps this will be your time to go shopping and look for modern bathroom vanities. This furniture will decide the look of your bath. Considering this, you need buying the fittest vanity leaving no regret at all. If you are now on this, here is the guidance that will help you to select the one suiting to your space.

Things to Consider When Buying Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

First, always think about the space. Although most of modern vanities come with floating design, you should buy the one that suit to your space. If you want to buy vanity with double sinks, make sure that your bath has an ample size around 60 inches. On contrast, if you are about buying single sink vanity, then the bath should give at least 24 inches wide. Second, find modern bathroom vanities with the fittest amount of sinks. There are vanities coming with either one or two sinks.

Third, think about the look of the vanity. Choose the materials whether it is made from glass, wood, or metal. Consider also the countertop. A modern vanity top is usually made from granite, marble, and stone. Stone is easy to clean and durable while granite will give luxury impression. There are some vanities with under mount sinks (mounted bellow) while others are vessel sink (above the counter). Think also about the color. Most of modern bathroom vanities use white, black, and brown color.

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