Bathroom vanity cabinets are not only as storage or organizer in your bathroom but also it is as the important element where the presence in the bathroom is a must. Your bathroom should be complete with the vanity. And the bathroom interior design will be perfect with the right design and ideas including color of the vanity, the top and sink and faucet and wall paint color. You can also add mirror on it.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Paint Color Ideas

Your bathroom should be your relaxing place where you can release all stress. And one thing that can create a soothing and relaxing look for the bathroom vanity cabinets is the color. You see every homeowner has their own style and color to present this vanity cabinet. You must have one or some ideas too to make the look are beautiful with the right color and other accents.

You can go modernly with white vanity cabinet with white top and sink and faucet. Wall space is in white color too to make a perfect and modern look. If you want an elegant style, you can consider black or dark brown color for the vanity cabinet and white color for the top, sink and faucet and wall. For the mirror frame, it can be in the same color with the bathroom vanity cabinets.

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