Bathroom sink cabinets both in small and large bathroom have its own special accents. And each homeowner may have different taste of the designs and styles. Each design is provided with different cabinet door, handles and also the colors. If you are looking for soothing and welcoming design, you can find the best one based on your bathroom interior design especially for the wall paint accents.

Bathroom Sink Cabinets Color Ideas

These bathroom sink cabinets have different and beautiful colors where you can play with the wall paint color. If you love black and white accents for your modern bathroom interior, you may really love the white sink and black cabinet. The white color of the top and the sink create a beautiful and elegant look for the vanity. And for this, white wall paint should work perfectly.

And if you love classic and modern detail, you can choose the white cabinet with white top. It gives you a sophisticated look and it works very well on your modern or classic bathroom style. And to complete the look, you can paint the wall in white and make the mirror frame in white too. This should make these bathroom sink cabinets are gorgeous.

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